A lenient twist on the "item a day" craft challenge

The "item a day" craft challenge has always intrigued me. But it's a huge commitment! Lots of crafters have work, families, and other obligations that may prevent them from crafting every single day. So I decided to see if I could make 7 things a week. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 18: All That Glitters

THIS is what happens when Michael's has a 50% off bead sale.  I went with the intention of just getting another organizer for some homeless beads, and ended up buying out their stock of hematite and pyrite beads.  I'm loving the combination of gunmetal and black!  Then of course once I was home the guilt set in, so I had to make good use of what I picked up.  Fortunately, there were enough beads in the batch for it to last through a themed week of hematite and pyrite jewelry crafting.  Check it out:

Hematite and Pyrite Handmade Earrings

Hematite and Tourmalated Quartz Earrings

Pyrite Nugget and Hematite Cube Earrings

Earrings with Pyrite Ovals and Nuggets, with Hematite Accents

Gunmetal Pyrite Cube Necklace with Hematite Spacers

Gunmetal and Gold-tone necklace with Pyrite Cubes and Raw Black Quartz 

Gunmetal and Gold Woven Chain Necklace With Pyrite Cubes and Black Quartz
Although I used very similar materials for the entire batch of jewelry I feel like I got some nicely varied results.  Hurray for pyrite jewelry!  It's so shiny.  : )  Thanks for looking, and catch you next week!

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